17.45 - 18.45



There’s no other voice than the one from John Watts, the enigmatic frontman of Fischer-Z. With his band, the Britisch rock legend will bring back the heydays of new wave to Middelkerke. When Fischer-Z first appeared in the charts, a mere 40 years ago, they were often compared to peers (and legends) Roxy Music and Talking Heads.

In 1982 the band went on a pause, but since 1987 John Watts & his disciples never ceased to release new material (definitely check out their amazing album ‘Building Bridges’ from 2017!). Also in 2019, hits like ‘So Long’, ‘The Worker’ and ‘Marliese’ sound as vibrant as before.

And should you still have a doubt, the Spice Girls sing from ‘A to Zee’, Fischer-Z is pronounced with a Zed.

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