Only the first provider of the original festival ticket will get access to the festival grounds. The holder of a copied festival ticket will be refused entry. So make sure that no one can copy your festival ticket.

If you refuse, you will access prohibited. Prohibited on the festival site include glass, cans, brik, bottles and/or alcohol, frigo boxes, shopping carts, trolleys, suitcases, umbrellas, tables, chairs, sharp objects, animals, sound, film, video and photo equipment, fires and each possible object which can be regarded as dangerous by the organization. The access to the festival site can always be refused.

The artists and the organisers, their agents and employees cannot be held liable for any damage, loss or theft, or for any accident. Official sales of festival merchandise happens only on the festival grounds.

It is not allowed to distribute gadgets, samples or any other products to the entrance to/near/on the festival site unless written agreements have been made around there in advance.

Distribution of flyers on, around and near the festival is prohibited by police order.

By purchasing a ticket, you confirm explicitly that you as a visitor to our festival rules of procedure are bound. Any violations will be sanctioned.